Where did the residents come from?

Infirmary residents all came from diverse backgrounds. Included in the diverse backgrounds is where the residents came from and where they resided. Most of the residents had a legal residence in Wood County. To have a legal residence in Wood County, Ohio a person had to live in the county for 12 months self-sustaining. This means that they did not receive any aid for those 12 months. Once they had done so, they were considered legal residents and could receive aid from the county. This was similar to the regulations for other states as well, such as Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Texas.4,10,13,17,18,19,21,25

If someone applying for aid did not have legal residence, they were still given help. However, first the directors and superintendent of the infirmary had to determine where the person/s had a legal residence. To do this, the person/s were asked where they lived last (or where they thought their legal residence was) and the case was investigated. Letters were sent from the Wood County Infirmary superintendent to the infirmary superintendent at the county of the person’s legal residence to arrange payment for their care. In some cases, the aid given was simply returning the individual to their legal residence for them to be cared for by that county.4,10,25

Resident population by township

The map above shows the resident density for those residents that had a listed township for the years 1870, 1880, and 1900. The darker the township appears the more residents came from there. Residents came from all over the county. With each decade having a different distribution than the last. 10

Residents with known birthplace

This map is showing where in the world the residents of the infirmary were born. There were several different states and countries people came from to Ohio.6,7,8

The Wood County Infirmary had a diverse body of residents. The residents came from different work and social backgrounds as well as different geographic locations. Based on the maps above, residents ranged from people who came from Eastern Europe, England, and Germany to those that came from Vermont, Michigan, and Massachusetts. They also came from townships all over Wood County. Thus, adding to the diversity of those at the infirmary. 5,6,7,8,10