This project was completed for a History 661 Digital History Class. However, this was more than just a school project in many ways. The project was on the Wood County Infirmary, which is also my thesis topic as well. Infirmary: An Untold Story helped me to expand how I looked at the institution and to tell its story in another way. See my blog. to learn more about the project development. While the Infirmary was operational from 1869 to 1971, this project focuses only on 1869-1900. I would like to thank Angela Gibson (GIS specialist) and Dr. Doug Seefeldt (HIS 661 professor) at Ball State University for their help and advice.

Special thanks to the Wood County Historical Center and Museum for the use of their records from the infirmary.

The image above is of the west wing of the Infirmary. photo by author.